When you are in trouble - Missing

When you are in trouble - Missing

Lost Baggage

Even you cannot find your baggage, the probability that your baggage completely lost is very low, and in many cases, your baggage will arrive to you late (delayed baggage). Therefore, when your baggage is lost, you must not be panic, and please contact staffs of airlinies that you use and consult them about the reparation and what should you do.
Most airlines gareantee the cost of daily necessities; clothes, underwear, toothbrushes, and etc. Therefore, if you buy daily necessities, you must keep these receipts (If you don't keep the receipts, airlines may not accept the demands.). Also, some airlines hand a pack of daily necessities. However, airlines usually don't accept other demands, such as telephone charges and transportation expenses, so you should confirm what airlines make compensation for as soon as you notice that your baggage is lost.

Lost Passport

When you are aware that you lost your passport, you must contact your embassy or consular and have the embassy or consular issue a travel document immediately. Basically, in order to issue Travel document, you need a report of the lossof your passport, a picture of you, and documents what identify you (It are varied by your country. Please confirm what you should do and need at your embassy or consular). A report of the loss of your passport is issued by Japanese police stations. If you have no ways of identifying you, you need to wait days for your family register.

You can confirm the contact information of your embassies or consulars in Japan from this page.