Information about taxies

Taxi (タクシー)

Taxi (タクシー) are convenent and flexible means of transportation. You can find taxies easily everywhere in Japan, especially urban areas such as Tokyo as Osaka. Also, Japanese taxi drivers are very trustworthy, so you don't need to mind whether you get ripped off.
The basic fare of Japanese taxies is around 600-700 yen. If the length that taxies drive is shorter than a constant distance, only the basic fare is charged. If the length exceeds it, the basic fare and the fare for its surplus are charged. Also, you don't need give tip to taxi drivers.

How to Use Japanese Taxes

1. Find Vacant Taxies

In many cases, taxies wait for their passengers around stations. Especially, in Tokyo, you will find a crowd of taxies arount not only stations but sightseeing spots. Beside, you can a hail taxi by asking your hotel saffs without additional charge. All taxies set signs on their dashboard, and if the signs is "空車 (くうしゃ)", it means that the taxi is empty. Also, the lighted lamp on taxies has the same meaning. After you decide which taxies you use, please motion the driver. At this time, you don't open the door yourself. The doors of Japanese taxies open automatically.

Tell Your Destination to The Driver

After getting on the taxi, please tell the driver where you want to go. If you want to go famous place such as station, airport or sightseeing spots, you need to say only the name. Also, almost all taxies in urban areas set a car navigation system, so in many cases there is noploblem if you don't know the accurate address. However, if your destination is unfamiliar to the driver and the car navigation system, you need to tell the address. If it is hard for you to tell Japanese words or address, olease write it on papaer and hand it the driver.

Pay Your Fare

After arriving at your destination, please pay your fare. A meter that is set near the driver's seat show it. Many taxies in urban areas can accept a credit card payment. The acceptable credit cards are indicated by a seal on the taxi. Also, please note that you don't need to give tip to the driver. If you are satisfied with the service, please say "Arigatō (ありがとう)" or "Thank you" insted of it.