International Flight

International Flight

In Japan, there are 4 main international airports. Narita International Airport (成田国際空港)[NRT] and Haneda Airport (羽田空港)[HND] are near to Tokyo. Kansai International Airport(関西国際空港) [KIX] is near to Osaka (2nd largest city). Chubu Centrair International Airport (中部国際空港)[NGO] is near to Nagoya (3rd largest city). Beside, other airports has international airline, but the number is low.

Access to Nearest Central Areas from Each Airports

Narita International Airport

Train Services
  • Skyliner
  • [Narita SKYACCESS Line, Limited Express] (Keisei Railway)
    Cost: 2,470 yen, Time: 36 minutes (to Ueno Station)

  • Access Express
  • [Narita SKYACCESS Line, Access Express] (Keise Railway)
    Cost: 1,240 yen, Time: 59 minutes (to Ueno Station) Note: There are 5 kinds of Accesss Express, and each one go to different destinations. Please check where trains you ride go to.

  • Narita Express
  • [JR Line, Limited Express]
    Cost: 2,940 yen, Time: 59 minutes (to Tokyo Station)

  • Keisei Rapid Express
  • [Keisei Main Line, Rapid Express] (Keisei Railway)
    Cost: 1,030 yen, Time: 70 minutes (to Ueno Station)
    Note: There are 5 kinds of Keisei Rapid Express, and each one go to different destinations. Please check where trains you ride go to.

  • Airport Narita
  • [JR Narita Line, Rapid Train] Cost: 1,280 yen, Time: 90 minutes (to Tokyo Station)

Bus Services
  • Tokyo Shuttle Bus
  • Cost: 900 yen, Time: 70 minutes
    Note: Advance reservations are availavle.

  • The Access Narita
  • Cost: 1,000 yen, Time: 80 minutes

Haneda Airport

Monorail Services
  • Tokyo Monorail
  • Cost: 490 yen, Time: 15 minutes (to Hamamatsucho Station)
Train Services
  • Keikyu Train
  • Cost: 410 yen, Time: 14 minutes (to Shinagawa Station)
Bus Services
  • Limousine Bus & Keikyu Bus
  • Cost & Time: 800 - 1,000 yen
    Note: It depend on where you go. Each bus services connect to allmost all important areas in Tokyo.

Kansai International Airport

Train Services
  • Airport Express HARUKA
  • [JR Line, Limited Express]
    Cost: 1,710 yen, Time: 30 minutes (to Tennoji station)
    Note: Airport Express HARUKA go to Kyoto station.

  • Rapi:t α &β
  • [Nankai Line, Limited Express] (Nankai Railway)
    Cost: 1,430 yen, Time: 34 minutes (to Namba station)

  • Airport Express
  • [Nankai Line, Rapid Train] (Nankai Railway)
    Cost: 920 yen, Time: 43 minutes (to Namba station)

  • Kansai Airport Rapid Train
  • [JR Kansai Airport Line, Rapid Train]
    Cost: 1,060 yen, Time: 45 minutes (to Tennoji station)
Bus Services
  • OCAT Bus
  • Cost: 1,050 yen, Time: 50 minutes (to Namba)

Chubu Centrair International Airport

Train Services
  • μ-SKY
  • [Meitetsu Airport Line, Limited Express] (Meitetsu Railway)
    Cost: 1,230 yen, Time: 28 minutes (to Meitetau-Nagoya station)

  • Meitetsu Express
  • [Meitetsu Airport Line, Express Train] (Meitetsu Railway)
    Cost: 870 yen, Time 37 minutes (to Meitetsu-Nagoya station)
    Bus Services
    • Meitetsu Bus
    • Cost: 1,000 yen, Time: 81 minutes (to Meitetsu bus center)